How To Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Scheduling

In this blog series, we are going to Define Organization Units


  • Select Apps and click to open the Customer Service Hub App


  • Click on Settings


  • Click on edit app name


  • In the Customer Service Hub sitemap

  • Select the Scheduling area
  • Go to the Settings group and select Organizational Units.


  • Back on the Customer Service Hub, Click Change area and select The Scheduling


  • Go to the Settings group and select Organizational Units.


On the command bar, select New to create a new organizational unit.


  • Enter Main Ave Location for Name, Enter British Pound for Currency,


  • Select the Scheduling

Enter 47.63993 for Latitude, -122.12557 for Longitude


  • Click Save and Close


  • You may use different GPS locations but make sure they are valid locations.
  • You can add more Organisational Units if you need to.
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