Adding a custom font to the Button List on your Dynamics 365 Marketing Email.

Have you tried adjusting the font in your Marketing email’s button list? urghhhhhhh. It’s very aggravating!

We all know that a Marketer’s job is to create templates, emails, forms, and pages, among other things. Having the option to employ numerous sorts of typefaces is essential for the bright wizardry nice looking campaign emails.

The text-element of the marketing email toolbar can be updated with new fonts. You can review this Microsoft documentation for further information.

You can also read Matt Whittemann’s blog on how to use Google Fonts to add custom fonts to your drop down menu.

See images below.

I’d like to give a workaround feature on how to achieve this on the App while using D365 Marketing for clients.

There is currently no method to display custom fonts on the button list other than what is provided by default (Out Of Box).

I came up with a fix by changing the font family of the buttons in the HTML tab.

I sincerely hope that any marketer out there will find this workaround to be extremely helpful when creating emails.

We can all hope that this will be rectified in a future update.

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